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Angel Card Readings - Holistic Pain Relief (Seimei non-touch) Julie Tereszcuk

What is Seimei?

Seimei is a Non-Touch Holistic Form of Pain Relief

Why Is Seimei A Better Approach in Relieving Pain?

Seimei has no ill side effects

Seimei addresses and alleviates the root of pain

Seimei does not “mask” symptoms

Seimei is non-touch and non-invasive

What Is Seimei?

Seimei means ‘vital life force,’ or the intelligent life-giving energy we each carry that already knows how to keep us healthy. When this energy is compromised by improper nutrition, lack of exercise, or stress, we become susceptible to developing illness or disease.

A Seimei practitioner is trained to use this non-touch technique to re-energize your vital life force energy kick-starting your body’s own innate healing intelligence. This provides natural pain relief and allows your body to ‘fix’ what is wrong rather than ‘treating the symptoms’ resulting from the imbalance.

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