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What is an Angel Card Reading?

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An Angel Card Reading is a specific type of reading where an intuitive, with the assistance of angel cards, provides you with guidance from your angels. Focusing on your highest good, Julie will use the angel cards to interpret the answers to your questions, as well as pass on any intuitive messages she receives.
Additionally, Julie offers readings that focus specifically on your life purpose, helping you to really hone in on what you came here to accomplish.

Why get an Angel Card Reading? What can it do for you?
Your angels want to help assist you with your questions about your life. Although our angels try in many different ways to communicate to us directly, it can be easy to discount or second guess the subtle answers they may provide.
Julie can assist you by interpreting the information your angels are trying to offer you and help you discover what it is that you are not able to hear directly from them. As an unbiased interpreter of the wisdom being sent to you from your angels, Julie can help you receive this guidance you may desire about your most pressing questions.

Do I need to prepare for an Angel Card Reading?
During the session, you will be able to ask your angels the questions that you would like advice on. In the midst of a session, it can be easy to forget some of the things you were hoping to receive guidance with, so it is best to write down the questions to bring with you to the reading.

Depending on the length of your appointment and the depth of the questions, Julie can address approximately 5-10 questions per ½ hour session. The types of questions you may ask for assistance with can involve any area of your life that you need guidance with such as: love, relationships, money, career, health etc.

Phone Readings Available

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