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"I first heard of Seimei from my wife, at first, I thought she was nuts, but allowed her to talk me into a session. I've lived with back pain most of my adult life, but the pain seemed to disappear. Still not a believer, I wrote it off as coincidence, but to satisfy my curiosities, I decided to continue with Seimei. I found myself running out of reasons why my pain was gone. It didn't take me long to become a believer, I was amazed with how great I felt after sessions. I now find myself laughing when I tell a friend about Seimei. They look at me like I'm nuts, but I tell them that's how it all started for me." - Vince Vacca


"Julie did a session on me to get rid of a headache I was troubled with.  I was not sure how it was going to work but after she did a session on me, I did feel the pain being released from my head.  I find this treatment very relaxing and non-invasive.  If you have an open mind then you can enjoy the benefits of this alternative treatment."  Rosemarie O'Neil


"My name is Liz Riga and I just want to write about my Seimei experience with Julie. Julie is such a wonderful person and I feel very comfortable sharing with her. With the sessions I have had with Julie she was able to help heal the pains I was feeling in my body for a long time like no other person. I've been working with Julie for a little while and I can tell you SEIMEI works and I personally plan on doing it again soon. I feel very good about it and this has opened up a new door in my life that you can eliminate pain in your body without drugs and you can be a happier person. Thanks Julie you’re the best! I would recommend Julie's Seimei sessions to all! It’s very cool!" - Liz Riga


"My foot was hurting me. My Aunt Julie asked me if she could do Seimei on it to make it feel better. She worked on it for a couple of minutes and it was still hurting a little bit, so she worked on it some more. It just stopped hurting - I asked her Aunt Julie where did you get your magical powers?"  - Natasha (7yr old Niece)


"Ok, so I didn't believe in this stuff, but she's my cousin and I figure it would be polite to let her do her thing, and you know what harm is it going to do to me?  Yeah, I had an achy toe, I'd broken it a few years ago and it was hurting and producing pain.  So I sat there and let her do her thing and damn if it didn't work!  What a surprise!  I'm a believer!"  - Mindy Naumoff   


"My ear had become badly infected after I had it pierced. Julie did a Demo on me for about 3 minutes. My ear stopped hurting immediately and the infection completely cleared up." - Magen Gardner


"My stress level was a little bit through the roof. Julie did a Seimei session for this and my stress was completely gone." -Jenny Sham


"Julie and I scheduled a long distance session one evening. I had been feeling run down and had a bit of a sore throat and ear ache. After 15 minutes my throat pain started to ease up and my ear pain was less. Julie checked in with me after 30 minutes my throat pain was gone, my ear had cleared up AND I was able to feel a toe that I hadn't felt in years due to previous nerve damage. This was all over the phone. Seimei is amazing! Thanks, Julie." - Laura Aldi


"Julie has relieved me of my migraine headaches.  I have found nothing else that works.  My doctors have found "nothing wrong" and could not do anything for me but prescribe pills that did not take away my pain.  After Julie performed Seimei on me my pain was gone."  - Carey Avery


"Julie, is a wonderful intuitive reader & healer. Julie's reading on me was accurate & straight forward .Her reading helped me at a time in my life where an important decision needed to be made and her gentle guidance helped put me on the right track. I have also experienced her Seimei healing where I had a terrible stomach issue & almost had to leave a very important function. Julie said hold & her healing technique instantly freed me from pain & I was able to enjoy the rest of my day .Thank you Julie , u are truly a blessed and guided healer. Angel Blessing, " - Monica Garrett 


"Julie recently helped me via distance-healing with an eye that had swollen shut due to an extreme allergic reaction. I was able to open my eye again within 2 hours of the treatment. After 24 hours the swelling was down and the pain was reduced. I also had some chest congestion that disappeared during the session. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatment and found Julie to be a wonderful, caring practitioner. She checked on my progress throughout the session as well as afterwards to see how I was. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a holistic alternative to compliment traditional medicine. "  - Donna E. from Elkton


"I am 78 years old, arthritis has run in my family for three generations. I had restless leg syndrome and arthritis. Julie works on me once a week and I have no arthritis pain and my legs are relaxed. After Julie's Seimei sessions I am able to sleep comfortable, joyfully and soundly through the entire night and my arthritis and leg pain does not bother me at all. Seimei keeps me young and active.  I would say comfortably, Julie's work is done with much love and care I love working with her.  I would highly recommend her services!" - Annie Barry 


"I had been feeling very ungrounded and disoriented to the point of having to leave an event.  Julie did Seimei  on me and I felt grounded, focused and terrific.  After she worked on me I did not have to leave my event."  Anna Jewett

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